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Our chiropractic adjustments offer clients chronic pain alleviation and increased mobility.

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Deep Heat Ultrasound Treatment in Upland

Here at Upland Chiropractic Clinic in San Bernardino County, we offer Ultrasound Treatment—a form of deep heat therapy—to treat a wide range of conditions related to tendonitis, arthritis and musculoskeletal injuries.

For over 28 years, Upland Chiropractic Clinic passionately brings comfort and quality to the lives of patients residing in Upland, Claremont, Montclair, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Ontario and throughout the San Bernardino County.

During an ultrasound treatment session, a specific gel will be applied on the target area. From there, we use the most advanced ultrasound technology equipment to continuously move over the gel area to produce deep heat and vibration.

The intensity and frequency dosage of the ultrasound treatment is tailored to suit each patient’s specific condition.

Reduce Pain and Swelling with Ultrasound Treatment in San Bernardino

Count on Upland Chiropractic Clinic to improve your quality of life through highly effective ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound therapy is mainly used to reduce inflammation and swelling in the joints, tendons, scar tissues, nerve roots, ligaments, etc.

It enhances the body’s natural healing process to alleviate muscle spasms, improves range of motion, diminish pain and swelling, and helps increase blood circulation.

With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to providing patient care and chiropractic services held to the highest standard of excellence.

At Upland Chiropractic Clinic, we treat our patients like family. We are passionate about helping our clients live their happiest and healthiest life, free of pain. Schedule a complimentary consultation appointment to see if ultrasound treatment is a solution for you. Contact Upland Chiropractic Clinic today!

Ultrasound Treatment Will:

  • Alleviate Muscle Spasms
  • Improve Mobility and Range of Motion
  • Lower Back Pain, Joint Pain and Muscle Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation and Swelling
  • Help Increase Blood Circulation
  • And Much More!

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